Five Frugal Friday

by Liz


It was a usual week here, nothing out of the ordinary, although, our downstairs A/C unit stopped working last weekend. As we waited for the repairman to show, my husband and I were both convinced that we were going to be told that the unit was toast and it was time for a new one.  Our current units were installed when the house was built, about 13 years ago, so we know we can’t avoid that purchase forever. This day, though were really lucky, the repairman told us that a transformer blew on the unit, and he replaced it, did a thorough check on the rest of the downstairs and the upstairs unit.  The total bill was $315.00, this sounds like a lot, but we were bracing ourselves for the cost of new units, somewhere in the range of $12,000 to $15,000 (big sigh of relief). Technically I guess, I could consider this event as one of my weekly frugal victories, but I won’t, since it is all part of home ownership.

So here is my five frugal for this Friday:


1. One of my kids turned 22 this week. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOE! Joe is a “no fuss” kind of person, he always has been, so when I asked him what kind of cake or treat he wanted for his birthday he asked for just a simple yellow cake with chocolate frosting…..DONE!


2. This one was almost a 2fer, we gave Joe a gift card to Target, one of his most favorite places to shop for his gift, but my husband had previously run across some old Nintendo Mario (Joe is a huge fan) figures still in their boxes, so we gave him these as a little extra gift.  I was all out of wrapping paper, so I got creative and used an old tourist map of Fort Worth from 1963 as wrapping paper….Joe thought that was cool (YAY for me, my kid thinks I did something cool, maybe I am not a complete nerd like the kids think I am).


3. I rescued the 3 remaining Bosc pears we had in our fruit bowl that no one was eating. To us, the Bosc did not taste as good as the Anjou, so I pulled up my recipes and found a quick and easy recipe for raspberry poached pears. We ate the poached pears with some whipped cream for dessert that evening, and they were really tasty.


4. I stopped into one of the thrift stores by our house to look for a skirt, found one, but the real prize was the Tommy Hilfiger one piece bathing suit that I found, brand new with the tags still on it for $6.00, in my size. One of the seams had started to come loose, (I assume that is why it was at the thrift store). As a homemaker, I would like to brag about my mad sewing skills, but the truth is I cannot sew to save my life. My only aptitude in this department is fixing a seam that isn’t too far gone, or fixing a button. My skill in this area was enough to save to save the garment, and now I have a new swimsuit for the summer season.


5. I cleaned the filters from my vacuum cleaner.  The vacuum had been sounding like it was struggling so I pulled the filters out to clean them, like I do on a regular basis, but found that this time; the filters were particularly gross. They had a lot of dust and gunk adhered to them.  I washed them both by using warm water and a mild dish detergent, let them thoroughly air dry (this took over 24 hours) and reassembled my machine.  No more struggling sounds. My vacuum is working as good as new. I guess I was lax about cleaning my filters that time (going to have to stay on top of that).

So that is my fiver for the week. How about you? What kinds of things did you do to save some green this week?